Hello! I'm Kar Rui.
I work on cool software engineering projects.

Building cool stuff for the public good.
Currently: Senior Software Engineer @ Open Government Products


Even though my main interest is in software engineering, I find design interaction a fascinating field, where engineering and design combines to create an efficient, beautiful, and most importantly usable product. I hope I have managed to do that with my personal website, at least!

Off work, I can be tinkering with my 3D printer(s) (Voron owners unite!), messing up my smart home setup, or playing wonderful board games like Carcassonne and Castles of Burgundy.

I also have a slight obsession with mechanical ergonomic keyboards (such as the Charybdis Nano).


I'm not terrible at:
JavaScript TypeScript ReactJS NodeJS git
I have dabbled in:
Flutter Java C C++ Python Swift expressJS PostgreSQL


  • Oct 2021 - Current

    Senior Software Engineer Open Government Products

    Feb 2020 - Oct 2021

    Software Engineer

    We build systems and improve public good. I am mainly responsible for OGP’s Design System and FormSG, an official Singapore Government’s form builder application. I was also part of the team tasked to work on Singapore’s COVID-19 response.
    • Epic lead for two major frontend and backend migrations for FormSG as part of tech debt cleanup, resulting in improved developer confidence and experience when implementing features.
      • Successfully scoped and contributed significantly to the migration of FormSG’s frontend framework from AngularJS to modern React.
      • Successfully scoped and completed full rehaul of FormSG’s backend API endpoints (with backwards compatibility), which includes renaming, simplifying, and refactoring endpoints to a more RESTful and meaningful state.
    • Owner and maintainer of OGP’s internal design system, released as an npm package. This has allowed for much faster product iteration, visual continuity and consistency across OGP products.
    • Promoted the use of Storybook and Chromatic as a visual regression testing and usage-guidelines tool to other software engineers.
    • Built the entire clinician-facing frontend application for Singapore’s COVID-19 Appointment System to allow clinic staff to manage appointments and patients coming in for their vaccinations.
    • Wrote lambda pipelines to automate parts of patient and case management tasks relating to Singapore’s COVID-19 Endemic response.

    Tech stack:

    JavaScript TypeScript ReactJS git GitHub
  • May 2019 - Aug 2019

    Software Engineering Intern G o o g l e

    Sorry for the colours. I couldn't help it.
    • Interned for 14 weeks as part of the Google Pay team in Singapore
    • Completed and had full ownership of one new feature in the Android application, including but not limited to high level architecture, design decisions, implementation, and testing
    • Work closely with peers to ensure good architectural design and strong software engineering principles in code commited

    Tech stack:

    Java Android
  • May 2018 - Aug 2018

    Software Engineering Intern (Frontend) INTELLLEX

    A legal tech startup that helps lawyers search faster, keep notes and organise their research better with AI.
    • Implemented new features related to the design overhaul of our main enterprise application
    • In charge of making sure rendered components look the same as the designed prototype
    • Refactored many tightly coupled components into pure functional components, improving efficiency and testability
    • Participate in product planning and design
    • Wrote clean, well-documented and efficient code and tests

    Tech stack:

    JavaScript ReactJS git GitLab
  • Jan 2018 - May 2018

    Teaching Assistant National University of Singapore

    Conduct weekly tutorials and code reviews for CS2103, Software Engineering.
    • Review student’s weekly progress of their module project on their Github pull requests
    • Topics discussed: OO system analysis, modeling and design, implementation, testing, software engineering principles, forming test cases

    Tech stack:

    Java git Github

For a more detailed view, check out my resume

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